Stetoscop Clasic Pediatric – Model 422

Stethoscope – Classic Pediatric Stethoscope Model 422



The solid stainless steel chestpiece on both diaphragm and bell for excellent acoustic sensitivity.

Stainless steel binaural tube with a reinforce dual inner-spring construction provides extra durability, while still maintaining portability. ý

Special 22 inch Y type thick-walled tubing with internal 3-way sound transmission connector provides outstanding sound transmission. ý

Chestpiece has a non-chill rim on both diaphragm and bell-So there’s no need to warm it up before use. ý

The eartubes are permanently set at anatomically correct angle for better sound transmitting into your ear canals. Plus, the soft screw-on soft eartips that assures maximum comfort and excellent acoustic seal in the ear canal. An extra diaphragm with pair of small soft screw-on and firm eartips are also provided.