Sistem de criochirurgie Leisegang® LM-900

Sistem de criochirurgie Leisegang® LM-900.



The Leisegang® LM-900 Cryosurgery System is the right unit for a busy practice. The calibrated, easy-to-read pressure guage helps reduce the number of repeat procedures. A solid brass gas manifold offers added safety. The lightweight body is designed for improved clinical visibility and less muscle fatigue, while the molded console protects the internal system components.

A wide variety of probe tips, conveniently stored in the integral tip holder, are available to meet all your needs. The comfortable handle with finger trigger control brings operational ease, while the insulated probe barrel lessens the risk of freezing surrounding tissue. Cold soak sterilization only.

Purchase the system to receive:

  • On each: probe handle, brass manifold, and hose
  • One molded carrying case
  • One each: gas cylinder and cart
  • Ten O-rings
  • Four Cleaning plugs
  • Choice of probe tips, four total
  • One empty 20-lb. tank
  • One cart

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